The COUNT Group

A competitive international trader, moving bulk energy products with service and convenience.

A complete-logistics service provider, sourcing and distributing selected chemicals across global markets.

An independent merchant specialized in supplying and distributing Norwegian natural gas to British and European markets.

A sustainability one-stop-shop for the petrochemical industry, accelerating the energy transition with alternative feedstocks.

Sharing our knowledge and delivering strategies to bring industry players closer to a sustainable future.

Our Mission

We aim to be the bridge between the present and a sustainable future for the petrochemical industry by offering accessible sustainable alternatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to co-create with our partners a petrochemical industry where commercial opportunity and sustainability are synonymous, by bringing affordable, high-quality, circular feedstock to the market as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Our Story

Our first barge

In September 2022, we started sailing our first stage V engine barge COUNTESS MARIA, transporting benzene in the ARA region.

COUNT expanded to Germany

COUNT Distribution opened its first office in Germany.

COUNT enters the gas and power business

In December 2021, COUNT acquired Westgass, a Norwegian natural gas company, adding new products to the portfolio.

A new office in Switzerland

In March 2021, COUNT Energy Trading expanded its offices in Switzerland, with a new entity in Zug.

COUNT entered the distribution market

In March 2021, COUNT entered the chemical distribution market with the acquisition of COUNT Distribution.

COUNT set foot in the United States of America

In January 2021, COUNT Energy Trading opened an office in Houston.

COUNT's second office

In December 2020, COUNT Energy Trading started expanding internationally, with an entity in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our new CEO

In March 2019, COUNT introduced a new team focused on petrochemicals and welcomed a new CEO, Jeroen Baaima.

COUNT Energy Trading was founded

In January 2017, COUNT Energy Trading was founded in Rotterdam, with the goal of supplying service and convenience, and venturing in the realms of sustainability in the petrochemical industry.

ESG Report 2023

As COUNT continues the journey to be the bridge between the present and a sustainable future for the petrochemical industry, in this 2023 ESG report we present the highlights, challenges and next steps for our sustainability strategy. 

Our Values


Reliability is the foundation of everything. We strive to maintain the impressive quality of output that our customers are accustomed to. We trust the judgment of our workforce and believe long-term commitments are needed to achieve our shared goals.


Problems that arise are not roadblocks, they are hurdles to be overcome. We always start with an end goal in mind, and we do not stop until we can deliver on our commitments to our partners and the planet.


Sustainability is ingrained into our company's DNA. We prioritise the most sustainable option that is viable and we openly share all our sustainability opportunities with our clients and everyone who is interested.


We practice continuous learning that drives innovation and growth and to maintain our thought leadership and expertise in the petrochemical industry.

COUNT in numbers

1.8 billion $

Revenue in 2022


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