We are your direct supplier of Natural Gas, Electricity and Green Certificates from our Norwegian portfolio into British and European markets.

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We are a trusted supplier of Norwegian Natural Gas and Electricity into European energy markets. We partner with industrial and large-scale business customers across Europe to provide them tailor-made solutions for their energy needs. With our range of products we offer security of supply, competitive pricing and a more sustainable solution.

We acknowledge the significance of Natural Gas as a crucial transitional fuel on our path towards a more sustainable energy future. Notably, Natural Gas consumption alone yields a 50% reduction in CO2 compared to coal.

Norwegian Natural Gas stands out as the gas with the lowest environmental impact globally. Additionally, our partners consistently rank among the top 25% of all assessed companies under EcoVadis.

This is why COUNT Westgass is proud of actively facilitating the distribution of Norwegian Natural Gas to both British and European markets, contributing to a cleaner energy landscape.

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Flexibility, Service, and Convenience

Our mantra is service and convenience. COUNT Westgass tailors its solutions to your specific needs, coupled with around-the-clock service. 

Competitive Prices

At COUNT Westgass we offer you competitive pricing to ensure you're not just saving the planet but also saving on your bottom line. 

Security of Supply

Your peace of mind matters. That is why, we provide a secure and dependable supply of Norwegian Natural Gas and Electricity, backed by unwavering operational excellence.

Norwegian Portfolio

We are proud to bring Norwegian Natural Gas and Electricity to European Markets, supporting the energy transition, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to the highest environmental standards.

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