We are driven by sustainability, and we measure our progress with the ESG framework.

Our Mission

We aim to be the bridge between what is possible and what is sustainable in the petrochemical industry by offering accessible sustainable alternatives.

ESG Highlights 2022

32 %

Female participation

48 %

New female hires in 2022

43 %

Staff younger than 30 years old

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COUNT's Sustainability Lab

ESG Desk

COUNT measures sustainability according to the ESG framework. Thus, the ESG Desk was created to improve our company's ESG performance, and to use any solutions we devise for the industry as a whole.

Commercial Desk

On the Commercial Desk, we incorporate sustainability into our business model with the goal of making green business practices both feasible and profitable.

Research Desk

Our Research Desk is responsible for advancing our knowledge of sustainability issues and our industry's impact on them,

Communications & Culture

On the Communications & Culture Desk, we educate our employees and business partners about ESG themes and best practices.

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