Implementing sustainable practices to enhance profitability, boost efficiency and gain a competitive edge.


We aim to bridge the knowledge gaps for our partners, enabling them to focus on their strengths while we identify the right way forward in their sustainability journey.


To drive the transition towards sustainability within the petrochemical sector through collective action, transforming the industry’s efforts into impactful and tangible progress.

About Us

Born from COUNT's dedication to sustainability, we're on a mission to inspire industry leaders to shape a sustainable future for the petrochemical sector.

COUNT Consultancy provides tailor-made solutions to support industry leaders on their sustainability journey, addressing everything from sustainability accreditations, carbon accounting, to simply providing our clients with expert guidance every step of the way.

Home to COUNT’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, COUNT Consultancy is where innovation meets sustainability. Our mission goes beyond change; we aim to empower clients to make informed decisions, elevate their business value, and effectively communicate their environmental commitments.

What started as a deep passion has evolved into a comprehensive and holistic set of services that we proudly offer to our valued partners. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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Our areas of expertise

COUNT Consultancy offers a range of specialised services, and one of our distinctive offerings is to assist plastic recyclers in harnessing the potential of plastic finance as an additional revenue stream. With our expertise in plastic credit accreditation and trading, we stand out by guiding partners through every step of the process.

  • This encompasses assessing their eligibility for the plastic credit program, facilitating the complex accreditation process, managing the auditing procedures, and facilitating the trading and sale of these credits on the market.

What are plastic credits?

Plastic credits, akin to carbon credits, represent the collection or recycling of a ton of plastic waste that would otherwise enter the natural environment, enabling companies to claim "plastic neutrality" by offsetting their plastic waste production.

COUNT Consultancy will be able to guide and support your company throughout the REACH registration process, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements. 

What is REACH?

If you manufacture or import one tonne or more per year of a chemical substance in the EEA, you must record this in the REACH database. It is a necessary registration to have in order to operate in this market!

COUNT Consultancy will be able to guide and assist your company throughout the ISCC certification process, ensuring adherence to the certification requirements and enabling your organisations to demonstrate sustainable practices in the production and trading of circular products.

What is ISCC?

ISCC certification is internationally recognized for bio, bio-circular, and circular materials, offering a framework for sustainable production and sourcing. It's an asset to enhance the value of your sustainable products and showcase your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

COUNT Consultancy will be able to guide your company through the EcoVadis certification process, ensuring eligibility to the strict criteria and developing an improvement plan based on your uploaded documents.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis ranks companies on sustainability, serving as a key industry benchmark, often required by customers and suppliers to assess sustainability performance.

COUNT Consultancy will be able to guide and support your company throughout the EoW certification process, signifying the waste materials generated by your organisation meet specific criteria and can be considered as products or substances with value.

We believe in transparent operations, and disclosing your carbon emissions is just the beginning of a transformative decarbonisation journey. We know this is easier said than done, that is why we are here to guide you through every step. .

We offer:

  • Carbon footprint assessment and disclosure aligned with international standards
  • Expert assistance in crafting short and long-term decarbonisation strategies tailored to your goals
  • Strategic insights on sustainable procurement, environmental commodities, logistical optimisation, and more.

As of 2024, ESG Reporting will become mandatory in the European Union, and with new regulations come new challenges: which KPIs to set, how to construct a sustainability strategy, and which standards to use when reporting. COUNT Consultancy can assist with our expertise, including:

  • Guidance on accurate and transparent ESG reporting complying with international standards and regulations.
  • Assistance in customising short and long-term ESG goals with trackable KPIs and subsequent strategies on how to reach them.
  • Identify upcoming relevant legislation and changes that require compliance.

When it comes to sustainability in our industry, we believe transparency is key. But it can be hard to find the balance between highlighting important milestones and acknowledging where we stand on the journey to a sustainable future. Thus, as an additional service on top of your package, COUNT Consultancy’s communications team can:

  • Building a bespoke communication or brand strategy that caters to your business objectives.  
  • Assistance in customising external and internal communications aligning with your brand strategy and company objectives. 
  • Guidance on instituting customised capacity building, sustainability training and crisis communication. 

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From accreditations to carbon accounting, we create unique packages tailored to your business needs. Ready to enhance your sustainability journey? Let's connect!

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