Mandatory ESG Reporting: what now?

As of 2024, ESG Reporting will become mandatory in the European Union, and with new regulations come new challenges: which KPIs to set, how to construct a sustainability strategy, and which standards to use when reporting? We started to assess and analyse our ESG performance in 2021, and since then, our Sustainability team gained all the required knowledge to produce high-quality reports in accordance with international standards and regulations. Now it's our time to help you!

How we can help

We don't gatekeep! With the goal of bringing industry players along in the journey to a sustainable future, we offer consultancy services to help you become more sustainable, faster.

We guide you through the reporting process, helping you choose and follow a standard.

We help you to formulate feasible, but also ambitious, ESG goals, along with developing a strategy on how to reach them.

The best way to track your ESG goals is through KPIs. We can walk you through this entire process, from establishing the goals, to creating KPIs.

Our areas of expertise

Carbon Disclosure and Decarbonisation Strategies

Certification and Documentation

Communicating Sustainability

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