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COUNT and Corsair Make Strides with Finnish Advanced Circular Feedstock Plant

Collaborative efforts between COUNT and Corsair lead to Advanced Circular Feedstock production from daily household plastic waste, setting a new standard for sustainability


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[Rotterdam, The Netherlands, March 2024] Last year, COUNT Energy Trading expanded its renewables portfolio by collaborating with Corsair Group International (Corsair) for their Finnish advanced recycling plant. Leveraging Corsair's technology, the collaboration addresses daily household plastic waste by transforming it into Advanced Circular Feedstock.


On January 9th of this year, Corsair’s Finnish team achieved a breakthrough by producing the first liters of high-quality Advanced Circular Feedstock, at their Kaipola Industrial Estate facility in Jämsä. Despite facing extreme temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, the team managed to complete the delivery, loading, and preparations of plastic waste from nearby cities.


Reflecting on this milestone, Laura Gasnier, COUNT's Sustainable and Circular products Trader, emphasised COUNT's commitment to sustainability, stating, "At COUNT, sustainability isn't a buzzword – it's our mission. We're dedicated to driving change by supporting projects from inception to commercialisation. Our comprehensive services for suppliers include logistics management, industry compliance guidance, and more."


COUNT Energy Trading, known for its expertise in the petrochemical industry, began this collaboration with Corsair to bring their innovative product to market, while also expanding their own portfolio of bulk trading, chemical distribution, and circular products.


“We at Corsair are excited about this collaboration with COUNT, which is poised to develop into a long-term partnership on a global scale. Our expansion plans cover several regions, from Europe to Asia. By jointly building the urgently needed infrastructure for plastic recycling, we can create unprecedented value for plastic waste and make a significant impact on the environment. We believe that this collaboration will serve as a landmark in making discarded plastic waste recycled in the future, similar to metal, glass, and paper today. We extend our thanks to the team at COUNT for their continuous support and vision of building a cleaner future together with us," said Jussi Veikko Saloranta, CEO of Corsair Group International.

About COUNT Energy Trading:

COUNT Energy Trading is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, committed to driving the transition to a better and more sustainable future. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, COUNT aims to create a circular economy that benefits both the environment and society.

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About Corsair International Group:

Corsair Group is an international, ISCC-certified plastic waste advanced recycling company, that turns daily household plastic waste, such as plastic bags, wrapping materials, and packaging products into Advanced Circular Feedstock.

With its Global Head Office located in Thailand and its European Head Office in the Netherlands, Corsair is on a mission to clean our planet from plastic pollution, by recycling discarded plastic waste from the environment and landfills, into valuable products.

Corsair is also the developer and issuer of the world's leading plastic waste offset program, the CSR Plastic Credit. Through the CSR Plastic Credit, certified by external auditors, Corsair is now helping a wide range of businesses and individuals to reduce and remove the impact their plastic waste has on the environment, by becoming Certified plastic-neutral.

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