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COUNT and FusionOne Sign Transatlantic Sustainable Feedstocks Deal

COUNT's inaugural US deal in its renewables division with FusionOne showcases our commitment to a sustainable future and cleaner energy sources. By partnering with FusionOne and leveraging their cutting-edge HydroPlas Reactor™️ technology, we're transforming plastic waste into renewable energy sources.


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[Rotterdam, The Netherlands, March 2024] – Strengthening its commitment to sustainability and supporting leaders in clean energy, COUNT Energy Trading (Renewables) has embarked on a collaboration with FusionOne, with its inaugural US-based deal. 


FusionOne Energy Corp. stands at the forefront of innovation in the clean energy industry, focusing on converting plastic waste into hydrogen and electricity. Their advanced HydroPlas Reactor™️ efficiently repurposes industrial plastic waste into a sustainable energy source, reducing landfill waste and promoting a zero-emissions future.  


“We’re excited about teaming up with Fusion One on their journey to convert waste plastics into clean energy for the future,” stated Simon Housecroft, Head of Sustainability at COUNT. “This step signifies COUNT’s commitment towards a sustainable future not only in Europe but with a global reach.”   


This collaboration drives the advancement of chemical recycling technologies in Europe and the US. COUNT and FusionOne’s dedication to clean power solutions resonates with global initiatives and fosters the transition to cleaner energy sources for homes, businesses, and transportation. Together with FusionOne's ambition and cutting-edge technology, we are fostering a circular economy and laying the groundwork for a better future. 


“FusionOne’s mission is to divert plastics from landfill and utilise all outputs from its HydroPlas Reactor™ solution. This includes a valuable, renewable, oil fraction and we’re excited to be working with COUNT as a major offtake partner for this output,” said Elliot Talbot, FusionOne’s CEO. “COUNT’s commitment to sustainability and their knowledge in the renewable oils space really made it an easy choice for us and being COUNT’s first US supplier makes this an especially momentous partnership.”  


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About COUNT Energy Trading: 

COUNT Energy Trading is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, committed to driving the transition to a better and more sustainable future. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, COUNT aims to create a circular economy that benefits both the environment and society. 


About FusionOne Energy Corp.: 

FusionOne Energy Corp. is an innovative leader in the clean energy sector, specialising in the conversion of plastic waste into valuable hydrogen and electricity. With their advanced technology and commitment to sustainability, FusionOne is dedicated to advancing clean power solutions and investing in the future of energy. 


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