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COUNT Energy Trading Achieves Platinum Medal in Recent EcoVadis Assessment, Setting a Bold Path for the Petrochemical Industry

Joining the Top 1% of sustainable companies, COUNT sets an example for environmental responsibility and innovation for the industry

In a significant achievement this year, COUNT Energy Trading proudly secured EcoVadis' Platinum Medal, catapulting itself into the top 1% of globally recognised sustainable companies, as assessed by EcoVadis. This recognition is a testament to COUNT Energy Trading's resolute commitment to driving positive change and steering the petrochemical industry towards a sustainable future.

 “The achievement of the EcoVadis Platinum Medal symbolises COUNT Group’s drive toward sustainability and wider ESG commitments,” commented Simon Housecroft, our ESG Manager.

Following the previous year's Gold Medal success, COUNT Energy Trading embarked on a journey to amplify its dedication to sustainability, aligning with the escalating demands of the climate crisis. In the span of just a year, we achieved several notable milestones.


Our corporate policies underwent expansion to proactively address pivotal social and environmental issues within our scope. These policies have now evolved into guiding principles, integrating sustainability into every aspect of our internal operations.


Among the 19 policies established and successfully implemented, COUNT Energy Trading proactively tackled an array of critical subjects. These policies encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from reducing environmental impact in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, championing inclusivity and diversity, combatting modern slavery, and enhancing internal capacity. Our policies also address topics, including but not limited to, whistleblowing protocols, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, and stringent cybersecurity and data security measures.


One of our most notable accomplishments in regards to transparency has been the development of a specialised Carbon Footprint Calculator designed for our industry. This distinctive tool not only raises awareness about carbon-intensive stages in our supply chain but also equips customers and partners with valuable insights into upstream emissions. Users can input specifics like petrochemical type, transportation particulars, and storage conditions, encouraging collaborative actions to reduce environmental impact.


The calculator's methodology underwent rigorous verification and evaluation by Nexio Projects, ensuring compliance with international standards and best practices, including ISO 14064 standards and the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (Revised Edition).


To fortify sustainable procurement practices, a tailored sustainability risk assessment tool was integrated into operations. This tool enables the precise evaluation of specific suppliers, reinforcing partnerships that echo sustainability values. The assessment encompasses environmental practices, climate change initiatives, labour standards, human rights, ethics, and corporate governance, facilitating well-informed decisions aligned with our sustainability objectives.


We also solidified our commitment to circular solutions by forging strategic partnerships with advanced recyclers like Blue Cycle, diversifying our sustainable portfolio and contributing to a circular economy.


Our 2021 ESG report has served as our cornerstone for reporting and benchmarking sustainability efforts. Notably, female representation surged from 19% in 2021 to an impressive 32% in 2022, underscoring COUNT Energy Trading's dedication to diversity and inclusion.


Sustainability is deeply embedded in COUNT's journey, influencing environmental, social, and governance initiatives at every juncture. While the EcoVadis Platinum Medal is a source of pride, we see it as a stepping stone, not a destination. We remain vigilant of forthcoming challenges and opportunities for continued growth and improvement.


COUNT Energy Trading continues to play a pivotal role in steering an industry, historically plagued by unsustainable practices, toward sustainable alternatives. This has been made possible by the unwavering support of our dedicated team, partners, and stakeholders. Together, we demonstrate the potency of collective action in shaping a better future for the planet and its people.


As we proudly showcase our Platinum Medal, we reaffirm our dedication to continuous improvement, innovation, and pushing the limits of sustainability within the industry. The journey continues, and COUNT's commitment to a better tomorrow remains resolute.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please contact our Sustainability Commercial Team at sustainability@countenergytrading.com.

For any comments or media inquiries, please contact us at comms@countenergytrading.com.