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COUNT Energy Trading launches COUNTESS MARIA

COUNT Energy Trading B.V. is pleased to announce the launch of its first chemical barge.


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Continuing on our promise of offering service and convenience to our customers and suppliers, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Burando Maritime Services to build and operate two chemical barges. Both barges will be equipped with a Stage-V engine, which limits the emissions of harmful substances up to 40% compared to Stage-IV engines.

Jeroen Baaima, CEO of COUNT: “Our barges ‘COUNTESS Maria’ and ‘COUNTESS Sofia’ will allow us to provide more on-demand services. Besides, they will contribute to a significant CO2 reduction of our transportation emissions, as our COUNTESS Barges have the most sustainable engine the market has to offer at the moment.”

COUNTESS Maria was christened on September the 14th and starts sailing European waters in October, transporting Benzene and Benzene+. COUNTESS Sofia, our Styrene barge, is expected to come in February 2023.

About Burando

Burando Maritime Services is a ‘one-stop-ship’ service provider for the maritime and oil & gas industry, providing a wide range of services to seagoing vessels, oil majors, inland navigation, offshore industries, and tank storage facilities. Burando is built on four key divisions: Logistics, Trading, Shipping, and Environmental.

To know more about Burando Maritime Services visit their LinkedIn or website.



COUNT, based in Rotterdam, Geneva, Zug, Hamburg, London, and Houston, is a team of trading experts in energy products and renewables, with the goal of bringing the market towards a more sustainable future. As the demand for greener solutions is growing in our industry, COUNT offers cleaner alternatives to fossil-fuel-based products, such as CO2 Reduced Aromatics and Recycled feedstocks.

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Interested in knowing more about the services we offer?

Interested in knowing more about the services we offer?