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Data security at COUNT.

Aligned with our mission to be your trustworthy partner in the petrochemical industry, COUNT Energy Trading B.V. is further strengthening its data security policy with Trakk, a platform powered by Komgo.

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With Trakk we can exchange and verify documents between multiple parties via email or other electronic platforms and follow the real-time audit trail of actions performed against each document. Trakk ensures all documents processed by us are authentic and accurate, besides also bringing more efficiency to the processing of invoices.

Trakk also contributes to low operational risk in trade finance, by detecting fraudulent documents as early as possible. Finally, as all counterparties have access to the trace of changes being made on Trakk, this tool promotes a safer and more secure trading environment. Find out more information about Trakk.

Trakk @ COUNT

From the 9th of May 2022, all invoices issued by COUNT ENergy Trading will be gradually registered with Trakk. You can verify the certification of the invoices by connecting to the Komgo online verification module available here. The other COUNT entities will soon incorporate the same system.

After dragging and dropping your document into the verification zone, you will see that the invoice was registered. By clicking on it, you can visualize all different actions taken on this document.

Please note that this should not impact in any way our business methodology and/or communication with our counterparties. Our intention is to provide you with an additional layer of security in our exchanges.

In case you need further information about Trakk, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact at COUNT.

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Data security at COUNT.