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Why Norwegian Natural Gas?

The unfolding of the last week of February 2022, resulted in the biggest price moves in commodities since the 1960s. The current global events have put increased pressure on energy markets and on finding suitable alternative energy supplies for the future.

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In a world in need of a sustainable energy transition, natural gas plays a key role in bridging the gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. However, if the goal is to move towards cleaner energy alternatives, the extraction, and handling of natural gas is also an important aspect to be considered.

For that reason, COUNT Westgass proudly facilitates Norwegian Natural Gas to British and European Markets.

Norwegian Natural Gas vs. Other Natural Gases

Natural Gas consumption alone has a 50% reduction of CO2 compared to coal. But over and above this fact, Norwegian Natural Gas is widely recognized as being the gas with the lowest environmental impact in the world. It has significantly lower carbon emissions than natural gases extracted in other countries and this performance is due to several reasons such as a subsea transport network, a high CO2 tax, the minimization of methane leakage and strict regulations when it comes to flaring, which is only permitted for safety reasons. Climate considerations are a key part of Norway’s policy, along with transparent reporting and certifications. For those reasons, COUNT Westgass trusts its suppliers’ sustainability efforts.

The extraction of this resource in Norway has faced operational improvements in the past decade, with energy efficiency compressors and pumps. Moreover, we have suppliers among the top 25% of all assessed companies under Ecovadis, with field emissions between 0.67 kg and 6 kg of CO2 per barrel, compared to an industry average of 18 kg of CO2 per barrel. 

Indeed, natural gas is an important transition fuel, but why wait until after the energy transition to be more sustainable? Norwegian Natural Gas is on it now, and you can be part of this journey towards the sustainable future. Get in contact with our experts today!

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